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Wow!! ... I think they liked it!! ... Kewl!!

Monday February 07, 2000

Congratulations on such a lovely site, I see you have very nice graphics and your links are easy to navigate. I will be back I sincerely hope. *Rob*

Tuesday February 08, 2000

Well, hello there! If you shouldn't win my Sunshine award then who indeed??? Lots of sunshine in your cyberspace! Reg's, Nanna Holt Kjaer Kennel Shetla, Denmark

Saturday February 12, 2000

Congratulations!!  I am pleased to present to you my award for a site that is truly a cut above the rest!  Once again, congratulations! Keep up the outstanding work on your site...  Allison

Friday February 18, 2000

Dear Sunshine, Congratulations!  Your site has won my  "PANACHE AWARD", because it has style!   Not all sites are deemed worthy of this prestigious award.   It is presented only to those  who have created a site that contains enjoyable content, is pleasant to view and is "family safe".   Again my congratulations and may God bless you always!!! just meeh, Shirley Crisostomo

Friday February 18, 2000

Your site is very well done ... I liked it a lot! Really cool! :) So congratulations!

Sunday March 12, 2000

Thank you for applying for my award. I hope you enjoy and display with honor.

Tuesday March 14, 2000

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  We award you with our unique ***"IAS & MANJUSHRI MANDALA KINDNESS AWARD 2000"***. This is not an award one can apply for. May our Tibetan dragon-king ('drug dru') grant you even more wisdom, energy, success, creativity, health, prosperity and a long life.