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November 29, 1999

Sunshine's Sundeck

One Year Anniversary



Sunshine doing HER THANG!!

Sunshine ... busy making pages!

In a pure act of needing something to fill my long and lonely winter nights I placed the first page of my personal homepage site "Sunshine's Sundeck" online November 29th, 1998.   Just one short week prior to that historic day I knew absolutely nothing about webpages other than I wanted to make one myself.  Finding this a terrific outlet for me to express my emotional, creative and intellectual needs I soon came to the conclusion that as I added each new page I was quickly becoming a webmistress "junkie".  Over 100 pages later ... I am definitely HOOKED!!


As more and more eyes from around the world viewed my site the numbers on the counter clickers started to grow.  Accompanying that came recognition of my efforts in the form of awards, guestbook entries and the continuous flow of emails from my "fans" (even a couple of marriage proposals too ... lol)  I personally don't consider my site to be anything special per say (there are so many truly wonderful and inspiring personal homepages on the net that are much much better than mine) however I still find it thrilling to receive an award and of course to read  guestbook entries.   Your emails have put a smile on my face and knowing that somehow I have been able to touch your heart, make you laugh or taught you something you didn't know before is my inspiration to continue ... "Sunshine's Sundeck" is not just for me any more ... it's for YOU *hugs*


One thing you may be asking yourself ... Sunshine ... you say that November 29th  is the one year anniversary of "Sunshine' Sundeck" being online ... but your site index says "This site has been in operation since May 26, 1999".   What's up with that?  Well ... my first webpage hosting company lost all my files (several times) and I had to rebuild my site on numerous occasions.  Finally, after the 5th time (ok I'll admit I am a bit daft at times) I got so choked that on May 26, 1999 I opened an account where my site is now housed and the rest is history.


My "goal" was to have 100 pages online by November 29th, 1999 ... I am happy  to say that I have surpassed that.   Where do I go from here?  I haven't got a clue other than perhaps a goal of 200 pages total for the second anniversary comes to mind ... but who knows!! LOL


I would like to thank each and every one of you for making my hobby such a big part of my life.  Without you there would no longer be a need for "Sunshine's Sundeck".  I appreciate your comments and invite you to leave yours in the Anniversary Message board below ... or if you prefer ... send an email!   I would be delighted if you rated my site too! HINT HINT!

~ forever Sunshine

* hugs and kisses *


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