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The Dove Alliance for Victims Rights

Victims Rights and Networking Cyber Stalking Advocates

My Story

     In 1987, as a result of my own victimization relating to domestic violence, I founded an organization called The Dove Alliance for Victims Rights.  While pregnant I had been abused by my husband and regardless of the fact that I was 7 months pregnant, he threw me onto a wooden floor and was physically abusive.  

Rebecca a.k.a. Becca founder of "The Dove Alliance for Victims Rights"

Rebecca a.k.a. Becca founder of "The Dove Alliance for Victims Rights"


     Very little was done by the 'system' regarding my situation and after the birth of our daughter I found myself battling in court.  I found that to be abusive in itself ... having to fight for custody of my child with a man that had so little regard for her life before she was born.  I soon became aware that many women who had experienced domestic violence were not allowed to talk about their abuse while in a custody battle.  As a result, because those facts were not presented, many were being forced into shared custody.   It was time to stop the silence.

     In 1986, I testified before the judicial branch of Michigan State Government regarding domestic violence and custody issues for women.  Since founding the
The Dove Alliance for Victims Rights, which title stands for DOmestic Violence victims Emancipation alliance, I have appeared on television locally and have been interviewed by numerous newspapers and television stations regarding domestic violence and victim's rights issues.  My efforts have helped take 5 mothers to Washington, DC to talk to our Senators and during a Mother's Day march I received sponsoring from Motel 6 to cover expenses.  I attended a rally with March Michigan Alliance for the Rights of Children founded by my dear friend Michelle Thompson Patton whom I have worked with many times with regards to child abuse issues and laws to help protect the protective parent.

     In my home state of Michigan I have aided in developing laws to help battered persons and other types of abuse victims.  I have been successful in helping over 300 women and children and a good number of men to escape their abusive and destructive situations.

     In the past few years I have been instrumental in helping many women who were being stalked on and offline and others with child support and custody issues.  Since my work has become diversified (I now also deal with elderly abuse issues) I have developed a focus to help as many people who are experiencing abuse or victimization to find resources and other advocates in their area.  This includes help bringing media attention and awareness to their plight.    Networking with a variety of law enforcement agencies I will work with any that contact me for assistance.  My group of volunteers and I conduct "net" meetings with those that contact us to discuss their situations regarding cyber stalking.  We help them develop evidence to bring those that would stalk them to justice.

Heroes in My Community

     Governor and Mrs. John Engler are two of my heroes in my community.  As a result of their efforts, we now have better laws in our state for victims of abuse especially in situations involving children.  Our Governor as seen to it that his office is open to all advocates with respect to impute on any and all domestic violence issues.  Many times I have sent him my idea's and information that was gathered from other advocates across the US.  Time and time again he has utilized the information I have provided to help victims.  I applaud our Governor for all that he has done and continues to do concerning Victims Rights in the state of Michigan.

    Another of my heroes is Jayne Hitchcock the new President of W.H.O.A. and the board of Directors of W.H.O.A.  I have worked with Ms. Hitchcock to help victims to rid themselves of their cyber stalkers.  I continue to network with this group to help a growing number of families, individuals and organizations to help stop this growing form of abuse.

     Last but not least by any means I would like to mention Tony.  Tony founded PACT.  I recommend you view PACT's webpage to find out more of what PACT stands for.

I Will Help

     I welcome anyone via this internet connection to contact me to provide information about their individual situations.  Email me with as many details as you can about your particular situation. Also if you like and feel comfortable please include your phone number if this is an emergency situation.  I will gladly call you at my own expense to see how we might expedite your dilemma towards a positive end.  Together we can and will work towards a resolution.

Sincerely Rebecca a.k.a. Becca
"The Dove Alliance for Victims Rights"

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