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Sunshine's Sun Award of Excellence


Below are listed the monthly recipients of my Sun Award of Excellence and the two 'Honourable Mention Sites' for that month.


to the owners of all the sites that appear on this page!

Please visit their sites ... lot's of talent and variety!

March 2000

A Friend in the Islands

This web site provides hundreds of island specific Hawaii activity suggestions, travel tips, and other useful information to assist visitors in planning the Hawaiian vacation of their dreams. The webmasters have invested thousands of hours into creating their web site from scratch which is enhanced by original artwork and photos they have taken around the islands.   Truly a site worthy of my award!


Honourable Mention Site #1

Internet Tips and Secrets

Honourable Mention Site #2

The World According to A Lady named Dave

February 2000

IAS & Manjushri Mandala

These guys applied for my award a while back (see Oct/99) ... talk about persistent eh?  I appreciate that ... as well as the work they put into their site ... which description is simply: Beautifully Creative !!


Honourable Mention Site #1


Honourable Mention Site #2

Pizzacata Persians

January 2000

Georgie's Family Fun Pages

Something for the whole family to do and learn can be found here.  Utilizes the latest in DHTML, Java and JavaScript.


Honourable Mention Site #1


Honourable Mention Site #2

Ian's Power Backgrounds

December 1999


Chrysallis features original writings, personal art collection, and more!


Honourable Mention Site #1

End of the Roman Age Society

Honourable Mention Site #2

Memorial to Michael

November 1999

Felix Bongers Web Page

This site has a family tree, jokes, quotations, poems and lots more! Definitely a site made with lots of love.


Honourable Mention Site #1

Lisa's Wacky Webpage

Honourable Mention Site #2

Racing Pigeons

October 1999

LadyJ's Haven

It's a site that's interesting for everyone.  It's main theme is to promote love and understanding of our fellow man.


Honourable Mention Site #1

IAS & Manjushri Mandala

Honourable Mention Site #2

czarina's hideout

September 1999

Angelene's Life

Personal homepage . . . In short, it's her life! Her wonderful husband, family, friends, causes . . likes . . it's her! (Note from Sunshine:  Not only did this lady rebuild her site <been there done that, know the work involved> but rebuilt her life and took the time to share it with us.  A wonderful site ... a definite "Must See")


Honourable Mention Site #1

Welcome to Middle-Earth

Honourable Mention Site #2

Gypsy and Friends Megas and Painting

August 1999

Lilmikki's Messy Home

Tidier than her real home! Four generations and their pets under one virtual roof.  May be a little crowded - but always room for visitors!


Honourable Mention Site #1

Wonderful World of Wynell

Honourable Mention Site #2


July 1999

Mystic Wolf

A "must view" site containing beautiful poems and plenty of wolf pics.


Honourable Mention Site #1

Everything SilverCat

Honourable Mention Site #2

Lilac's Garden

June 1999

Karin's World

A site from the Netherlands: fantasy, dreamworld, art, faeries, dolphins, angels and love.


Honourable Mention Site #1

RiRi's Cyberhaven

Honourable Mention Site #2

Annie's World

May 1999

Lynn's Cyber Senders

Collection of fun e-mail senders to share with your cyber friends!


Honourable Mention Site #1

Freddie Mercury

Honourable Mention Site #2

Deidre's Page of Romance

April 1999

Atlanta Hieghts

A warm and friendly place to visit ... poetry for every emotion and feeling!


Honourable Mention Site #1

Tiny's Homepage

Honourable Mention Site #2

T Lynn Poems

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