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* Grrrr-eat Site Award *

(Thank you to my special "friend" who made this award for me! You know who you are!)

Congratulations To You


YES ... YOU!!


Please accept this little recognition

... a small token ...

for the work you have put into your Grrrr-eat Site!

This is a special little award ... it can NOT be applied for. You have received it because I have viewed your site and thought it was a Grrrr-eat Site *hugs*

Please save it to YOUR hard drive: Right click your mouse button and select "Save Picture As..." and follow the prompts ... don't forget the directory name you saved it under ... lol ... I've done that before!!

If you decide to accept this award (and I hope you do!) please be kind and link back to my site using this address:

Once you have placed the award on your site email me with:

1) your site's name

2) your sites's address

and I will add it to my Grrrr-eat Site Listing ASAP:

~ Thanks ~

~ forever Sunshine ~

* hugs & kisses *

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