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Oswaldo, Martin, Carlos and Ruben are four Columbian brothers who have suffered a great deal due to the current problems facing their country. They have nothing.  They have lost their families, their homes, as well as all of their clothes.

I am desperately trying to find clothing and homes for these boys, preferably together if at all possible.  I know we all have a lot of time and financial pressures in our own lives, but this is for a very good cause and I am sure that you will want to help out.

If you are interested in sponsoring them or helping them find a home, the cost would be indeed minimal.   I am attaching a photo of the four boys which may help you to decide whether you want to sponsor them. 

I urge you to do the right thing!

~ Warning ~

The photo you are about to view illustrates the dire straight conditions these boys are in, therefore it is recommended that only adults view it and that you have a tissue handy!

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  To view the Photo

(If you do NOT wish to view the photo ... thank you anyway and please click HERE now.)



~ Thanks SuperStar for sending this to me! *hugs* ~


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