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Well people ... I finally did it!!  I started my own webring!! Am I nutz or what?  Wait a minute ... don't answer that!! lol ... I wanted to give it a name that best described me ... noble ... but also wanted to do a play on words ... so since I am a Taurus I thought NoBull would be perfect. So whadya think? Does it work? Ok ... who asked you anyway?? Sheeeeesh!

You got attitude ... I LIKE THAT ... so read on!

Hmmmm ... now the trick is to get more NoBull people (maybe even YOU) to join the webring.  Even if you decided you don't wish to join at this time (don't have a webpage or think this webring sux) please tell your friends about it anyway by clicking on "mail2friend" graphic below.  For a webring to be successful we need members and by you passing on this info you will be doing your good deed for the day (hence you'll be NoBull even if you don't join!)

Here's the scoop (Rulz):

  • You have to have a website DUH!  (Size in this case does NOT matter! ... lol)
  • NO PORN SITES (a bit of cussin' and/or nudity is fine ... if done in good taste!)
  • You must first apply to be in the ring's queue.  (Do so by filling out the form)
  • Upon receiving your application I will add your site to the queue and you will receive an email with the HTML fragment code. The code must be placed on the page address you stated on the application form.
  • You may not alter the code in any way (like make it neon green or hot pink to match your own page. I want to have them all look the same so people can follow the ring and not get confused.)
  • Be sure to save the bull.gif graphic (below) to your hard-drive and upload it to your own server. For some reason my server won't let others use my graphics directly from my site ... go figure!

To save the graphic: right click mouse button and select "SAVE AS" feature. (DO NOT RENAME IT)

  • After  you have added the code to your page email me ASAP.  (If I don't hear from you in three weeks it will be automatically removed from the queue.)
  • Once I hear from you I will visit your webpage and if I like what I see ... YOU'RE IN (your site will then be added to the webring and you will be notified by email that this has taken place.)
  • Because I don't know what the heck I am doing yet (maybe never will) patience with the ringmistress (hmmm... that's me) is a definite requirement!

Hmmm ... think that's all I need to say (at least for now ... LOL)

Thanks for considering joining my NoBull Webring!

~ forever Sunshine

*hugs & kisses*

P.S. You DON'T have to be a Taurus to join my webring but if you are ... G-R-E-A-T!!


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