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Sunshine's Recent Pics

... Taken by "Smurk" ...


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Yesssss those tattoos are REAL ... I have 3 of them: sun symbol on my left forearm, heart on my left breast and the third ... well  you only get to see that one if you happen to be the special male in my life ... LOL !!  If  you look closely you'll see the diamond stud in my nose too which I pierced myself. Most often asked question ... Did it hurt when you pierced it??   Answer:  Well I have had 3 kids ... now that hurt!!  The piercing was a piece of cake compared to that ... LOL

I had a makeup party at my place recently.  This is what a digital camera, a kewl daughter and a bottle of white wine can produce! LOL

Hey ... wanna do me a favour?  Hmmm??  I'm in this kewl little contest "World ICQ Pretty Lady Competition" ... there are 68 ladies from all over the world competing.  Presently I am in THIRD place ... can you believe it?  Click HERE to cast your vote for me ... ok??  * hugs & kisses * ... thanks a bunch!!

My heritage is Ukrainian Gypsy and this was my Halloween costume!  Amazingly enough I didn't have to buy anything special for my costume ... I actually own all this crap!  LOL

Catching some Zzzzzzzz's Hey a girl has got to get her beauty sleep right??  God only knows I need plenty of that!

Can you say "BIG HAIR" yeppers ... it's all mine and as far as the colour ... well only my hairdresser knows for sure!! Beauty in a box statement: "I'm gonna wash that gray right outta my hair!" Sign of old age: reading glasses ... I am 42 years old after all!

Here's where it all starts ... at the keyboard ... hard at work!  Note the pizza boxes?  Who has time to cook when the creative juices are flowing??  LOL Many times at least one of the kittens would crawl onto my lap and have a snooze while I did my thang on the computer!  Awwwwwwwe!

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